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About the PFRA


The PFRA will not refuse any ferret in need of surrender. If overcapacity or any other unforseen event makes it impossible for a PFRA branch to accept a ferret, other arrangements will be made with other local shelters or foster homes. We will not deny a needy ferret a safe place to rest. Ferrets come to the PFRA for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Owner doesn't have enough time to spend with ferret.
  • Owner is having a baby and cannot keep ferret.
  • Ferret belonged to a child who no longer pays attention to it.
  • Ferret belonged to a college student whose parents won't let the ferret come home.
  • Ferret is not compatible with other ferrets or pets in the home.
  • Ferret was found running loose (Note: ferrets can only survive an average of 3-5 days out of captivity! Never let your ferret "free.").
  • Owner decided that a ferret was not an appropriate pet.
  • Owner is moving and cannot take ferret along.

Once a ferret arrives to the Rescue, a complete health exam is performed by a veterinarian, and vaccinations are brought current. All ferrets are quarantined for a designated period of time until we can be certain that the animal is not harboring any contagious illness that may spread to other Rescue ferrets or our pets. After the quarantine period, the ferret is placed on the "For Adoption" list. While ferrets reside at the Rescue, they are treated in the same manner as we treat our own ferrets. They are given ample run time every day, the best food, and plenty of attention. Every attempt is then made to find the perfect home for the rescue ferret, and will be adopted out. The only exceptions are in the case of ferrets that are deemed "unadoptable" for reasons such as poor health, old age, or behavioral problems. These ferrets will then remain in the shelter indefinitely or are placed in foster homes, and are treated with as much love and compassion as our own pets for the remainder of thier life.

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