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About the PFRA


In addition to rescue and adoption services, the Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association provides other means of support to ferrets and their humans. If you are in need of any of these services, please contact the PFRA shelter nearest your home.

Ferret Boarding: For a small fee, the PFRA will gladly provide ferret-sitting services. We board ferrets both short and long term, and will provide any requested special requirements you ask us to (i.e.; "My ferret gets exactly five raisins a day and three drops of Ferretone on his food..."). Boarding ferrets at veterinarians and other boarding facilities can be unsuitable for ferrets. Ferrets need to have human attention and more than ten minutes a day out of their cages. When you board at a ferret shelter, your ferrets are treated as warmly as they would be at home.

Grooming: The PFRA will groom your ferret, including bathing, ear cleaning, toenail clipping, and in some cases, tooth scaling. Often we are asked simply to teach ferret owners the best ways of grooming their ferret themselves, and we will gladly set up appointments to have you bring your ferret in for a complete interactive grooming. Keeping your ferret well-groomed is far more important than merely keeping him looking good; many health problems arise from poor grooming habits.

Training: While each ferret is unique and individual in his ability to be trained, the PFRA will be happy to assist you in any way we can. We get a large number of requests to help litter train ferrets; we will provide you with as many tips as we can in this area. The most common habit we help ferret owners with is teaching ferrets not to nip. We can set up an appointment with ferret owners and help give pointers on how to discipline their ferret effectively.

Information Services: With the exception of caring for the ferrets, the largest part of our job is in our information services. Anyone is free to contact our shelter with any questions they may have about ferrets. We have a great deal of printed information on subjects such as training, health, showing your ferret, etc. We also can put those inquiring in touch with a number of outside resources, including expert veterinarians, national ferret organizations, and ferret books and publications. There is no subject about ferrets that we cannot assist you with; if we are asked about a topic we cannot help you with we will research it for you. Questions can be directed to us via e-mail, snail mail, or telephone; please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Public Appearances: The PFRA is interested in educating about and promoting the domestic ferret as a pet. If you would like us to make a public appearance for your organization, retail store, veterinary office, or for any other reason, please feel free to contact us. If you live in an area where you feel a public appearance would be helpful, contact us with a location you think might be appropriate and we will look into it. We are willing to make appearances anywhere in Pennsylvania, and in some areas that border Pennsylvania. We can also refer a shelter organization out of this area that may be willing to do a public appearance.

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