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About the PFRA


The Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association has shelter locations in central and western Pennsylvania. The areas we serve depend on the services requested as follows:

Information services: Anyone, anywhere in the world is welcome to contact us for information. If you have general ferret questions, we are here to help.

Rescue/Surrender services: The PFRA will take ferrets in from anyone living in the state of Pennsylvania. If you live outside of Pennsylvania and do not know of another ferret shelter in your area, please contact us and we can recommend a shelter near you that can assist you. Alternatively, you can check out American Ferret Association's Shelter List for a listing of a shelter near you.

Adoption services: The PFRA will only adopt to homes within a 150-mile radius of the shelter location processing the adoption application. Interested parties must be willing and able to travel to the shelter at least one time during the adoption procedure to be eligible to adopt. If you reside more than 150 miles from any PFRA shelter, we can provide you with contact information for a shelter nearer to your home, or you can search American Ferret Association's Shelter List for a listing of a shelter near you.

Boarding, grooming, and training services: We will provide these services to anyone willing and able to travel to their nearest PFRA shelter location. We can also provide tips on grooming and training via e-mail for anyone, anywhere.

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