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About Mary

Mary & Kelly I have been involved with ferrets since 1992, when I was first introduced to these curious little fuzzbutts by a college roommate who had a sable jill named Bandit. It didn't take long for Bandit to steal my heart and make me determined to have one of these little guys for my own.

Next thing you know, my fiancÚ (now husband) and I ended up with two little critters - Fatso and Skinny - in 1994. It was 3 years (and three more ferrets later) before I actually got involved with sheltering - how I met Kym and was suckered into this is a whole 'nother story.

I became the shelter director for the Centre County branch in June of 1997 and it's been a wonderful and heartbreaking experience. I became very involved in ferret shows (due to my love of competition at horse shows when growing up), to the extent that I am now a Championship Ferret Show Judge for the American Ferret Association (April 2000). I love judging as it has taught me much about the health, confirmation and maintenance of the domestic ferret. It's also lots of fun to win ribbons and know that the love and care you put into your ferrets is recognized.

My personal group of ferrets numbers at 10. Fatso, Skinny, Frank, Raisin, Pooyan, Kelly, Al and Danka have left us (we miss you!), but the remaining crew in our gang are: Sweet Pea, Brandy, Ziggy, ZuZu, Zovia, Alesse, Aria, Tsunami, T-bone and Fanny :) My husband and I also have three small horses...I mean, dogs....Bruiser, a 125 lb rottie/american bulldog mix who adores the ferrets; Bubba, a lab/hound mix who runs in fear when he sees them coming and a dalmatian, Dice, who thinks the ferrets are solely there for her pleasure.

I was also able to practice my life-long desire to write, combining that with my ferret obsession, by becoming a freelance writer for eHow.com. Please check out my ferret articles at www.ehow.com.

In 2001, I also accepted the offer to be the Vice President for the American Ferret Association.

When you run a shelter, it pretty much consumes your life so I don't have many hobbies that don't involve my ferrets . I do work at a local computer firm - which enables me to provide for all the shelter kids (and my own!) - but I also enjoy playing volleyball, reading, playing cards/games, watching movies and relaxing at the beach.

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