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Rainbow Bridge

Jelly (10/94) was 8.5 years old, but her body just gave out on her. She had many minor problems that grew to be one big problem that she couldn't fight any longer. When her quality of life decreased, we had to make the decision to let her go in April of 2003. I hope she's healthy and happy reunited with her former cage mate, Peanut Butter. We miss you!



Wheezie made it to her 9th birthday, but her heart was failing and causing her to have fainting episodes that resulted in seizures. So we made the painful decision to help Wheezie to the Rainbow Bridge in March of 2003. We miss you, sweetie. I hope we made your last 2.5 years good ones.

Her cagemate, Lucious, was helped over the Rainbow Bridge on September 9, 2003. She was over 9 years old and her body just gave out due to all her recurring health problems (adrenal, insulinoma, etc.). Lucious was loved greatly for the 3 years she was in our shelter, we miss you, sweetie!



Matilda (5/17/95) almost made it to her 8th birthday, but she was diagnosed with lymphoma in late 2002. She passed away in her sleep in January of 2003 - we love you, Mattie, and hope you are reunited with Baby & Clyde.



Nicodemus (12/97) was a beautiful sable hob. I had known Nic since he was 6 months old, when his owners adopted Lucy in June of 1998 and Oscar in January of 1999 from our shelter. I had boarded them on numerous occasions, so was very attached to not only my former rescues, but to Nic himself. Oscar passed away in 2000. Then in early 2002, Nic and Lucy's mom and dad were moving due to a new job and couldn't take them with them, so they were surrendered back to the shelter and fostered with Peggy. Nic developed insulinoma and had surgery in August. Nic developed severe diabetes immediately after surgery and passed away a few days later. While this is not a common result of insulinoma surgery, many times the insulin level will adjust itself shortly after surgery, it can happen and we lost our little buddy. Lucy remains in foster care with Peggy and her new friends, Cosina and Lilah.



Abby had to be helped to the bridge due to complications from her Lymphoma in Oct of 2002. She had a quality life for over a year after her original diagnosis and will be greatly missed. She was a gentle soul and much loved by all the ferrets at the shelter.



Gracie had to be helped to the bridge due to kidney failure and advanced insulinoma complications in Nov of 2002. She made it to 9 years old and you can't ask for much more than that. She was romping with her buddies just a few days before she collapsed. She is greatly missed by her foster mom and dad, Betty and Lennie, as well as her buddies and me.



Umph was helped to the bridge due to complications of adrenal and insulinoma disease. He would have been six years old in January, but even for a short life he was greatly loved by his foster parents, Matt and SherryLynn. His buddy, Kaz, is holding up well and giving lots of comfort to mom and dad.



Stripe was helped to the bridge on Dec 17, 2002. She crashed suddenly due to complications of kidney disease and a huge mass in her abdomen. She spent more than half her life at the shelter, outlived 5 cage mates and other than an accidental ruptured spleen, had no health problems while at the shelter. She missed her 7th birthday by two weeks, but she's better off where she is now. We miss you, Stripe!

Gambit (2/96 - 4/01) was a sweet sable hob who just wanted a good home. He spent over half his life in the shelter, losing two of four cage mates, being passed over again and again. He had bilateral adrenal and insulinoma surgery twice in 2000, while also have a fibroidsarcoma tumor removed. He went through alot in his 5 short years, before finally succumbing in April of 2001. We miss you, sweetie.



Hannah (12/96) late alter chocolate female. Hannah passed away on 9/9/02 due to renal failure. This cuddly, sweet, affectionate girl will be greatly missed.



Gidget (7/1/96) chocolate point female was a beautiful, playful girl who could be a bit aggressive with other ferrets. She was a sweetheart with people, loved to cuddle and was just adorable. Sadly, she passed away from complications resulting from her adrenal/insulinoma surgery.



Chip (7/96) passed away unexpectedly, but very peacefully in his sleep on September 7, 2001. He is greatly missed by his mommy and daddy (Betty and Lenny) and his cage mates Dale and Gracie. He was only 5 years old, but had adrenal and insulinoma which were still under control from his two surgeries in 2000. Dale sadly passed away too soon in 3/03 from a neighbors misguided attempt to poison mice in their home.



Pandora (6/94) passed away the morning after her bilateral adrenalectomy. She was greatly missed by her cage mate, Merlin, and I hope that she is happy, healthy and active now that she's at the Rainbow Bridge. Merlin (6/94) black sable jill. Ulcer complications took little Merlin's life on May 26, 2002.



Oscar was adopted into a wonderful local home in January 2000 along with his buddy Sunshine. Oscar passed away last Christmas due to neurological problems. He is greatly missed by his family and cage mate, Sunshine, who is still doing very well.



Baby: Adopted by Kendra and Chris with his friends Colby and Snoflake, Baby passed away in March of 2001 due to kidney cancer. He was lucky enough to have his very own family for the last few months of his life. He was healthy until the very end. He is sorely missed.



Peanut Butter Peanut Butter (of Peanut Butter and Jelly) passed away while I was in Japan. At least his last days were good with Kerry and Lisa - lots of attention, some playtime outside. He will be sadly missed.



Bonkers (8/95) medium silver male who was a total cuddlebum. He got along well with other ferrets and loved to be with people. Bonkers was playful and loved to play in the dryer tubing. Sadly, he passed away on 9/10/00 due to liver cancer.



Bodie (2/94 - 10/99) and Fuzzie. Peggy was fostering this sweet pair. When Bodie passed on, Peggy adopted Fuzzie. Sadly Fuzzie developed Neurological problems and passed away in 2002



Abercrombie (6/96) DEW hob who was a great little ferret. Everyone loved his black nose and striking color, but his personality was his best feature. He loved to wrestle with Chip & Dale and cuddle in his favorite hidey hole. He passed away in March 2000 during surgery due to multiple overwhelming cancers.



  Clyde (8/95) a big chocolate boy who was cagemates with Mattie and Baby. Clyde was your typical laidback ferret, but could war dance with the best of them. He was a lovable little guy who passed on in April of 2000 due to congestive heart failure. We miss you!

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