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Recent Adoptions



Pecker (3/8/01) and Peaches (3/8/01) were adopted by Deb - Thank you so much! They are the only ferrets in their new home and they are being spoiled rotten.



Marlon (6/4/00) and Brando (1/17/98) were adopted by Sandy - You are the best! They are the only ferrets in their new home and are treated like little kings in their new Martin's Townhouse



Joey (9/1/99): Joey was adopted by a wonderful ferret-knowledgeable local couple. They had recently lost their only ferret and were looking for another single ferret to brighten their home. Joey (now known as Simon) was the perfect fit. He was a definite people ferret and is now being spoiled to his hearts content by Karen and Paul.



Winston (6/99) sable Marshall Farm male. Winston was adopted by a wonderful lady named Randi. Winston (now named Cody) has a wonderful new friend in Bandit, Randi's original fuzzy. Congratulations!



Lila (8/00) chocolate jill and Ferdinand (6/00) black sable hob were adopted by a great local couple who are long-time ferret owners, Theresa and Mark. These two young fuzzies are joining Theresa and Mark's current group of 5. They are also taking in an older ferret from a local family, so there group will now be one of 8. Good luck, Theresa and Mark!



Lucky (6/99) chocolate Marshall Farm male. Lucky gets along well with other non-aggressive ferrets (can be a bit of a cry baby). Very playful and energetic boy, he loves to snorkle in the rice box and then cuddle up with his buddies. Lucky was adopted by a wonderful couple, Lisa & Shaun in PA, and lives with his new girlfriend, Baby.



Moses (11/95) Albino male. Moses gets along with other ferrets and also loves to be cuddled. He plays hard and sometimes he can be a bit overwhelming with the youngsters. He is going home with Kendra & Chris of PA - yes, the same couple that adopted Snowflake, Baby & Colby! He gets to live out his life with his former buddies!



Snowflake, Baby & Colby: These three were adopted by a wonderful couple, Kendra and Chris in PA. Guess they were good this year since they got a new home of their own for the holidays! We're sad to say that Baby passed away in March 2001.



Kazimir (4/1/99) albino male - this is one energetic boy. He loves to play with other ferrets, but he can get a little over exhuberant (as all young boys can!). This very playful little boy has found a wonderful home with SherryLynn and Matt.



Bodie (2/94 - 10/99) and Fuzzie. Peggy was fostering this sweet pair. When Bodie passed on, Peggy adopted Fuzzie.



Max was adopted by PFC members, Sharon & Ted Baer.



Sunshine & Oscar were adopted into a wonderful local home in January 2000. They are the only ferrets and get tons of attention (and are spoiled rotten ). Sadly, Oscar passed away in December 2000.

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