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Local Resources

One of the things that the Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association strives to do is to be a source of information to ferret owners within our communities. We receive many calls from ferret owners seeking a veterinary referral, for advice and support, or just asking where they can locally purchase supplies for their ferrets. The following is a list of these kinds of resources in the central Pennsylvania area.

Please help us to keep this page updated! If you know of a resource that you would like to recommend, e-mail us and we will list it!


The following is a list of ferret-knowledgeable veterinarians. It is important to make sure that the veterinarian that you choose to treat your ferret has experience treating these unique pets, and sometimes it is difficult to find a vet that has this experience. While not all ailments can be treated and cured, the following veterinarians have been recommended to us and we would like to share this list with you.

All Creatures Veterinary Care - Centre Hall, Pennsylvania: Dr. Ellen Schultz is our current shelter vet since Dr. Sharon Marx has moved to NJ. All Creatures is located on Route 45 next to Pennsylvania Pizza (10 minutes from State College). For hours & directions, please contact them at 814-364-2040.

Animal Medical Hospital - State College, Pennsylvania: Dr. Alan Freidlander is another local vet that we use for vaccinations and basic ferret care. Animal Medical is located on North Atherton Street and they can be reached at 814-234-0201

J. Ritchey Veterinary Hospital - State College, Pennsylvania: Dr. Joan Ritchey is another local vet that we use for vaccinations - she's right down the street from the shelter! She always pretreats and prefers to separate the rabies and distemper shots in separate visits. She has handled vaccine reactions before and is experienced with general ferret care. Contact her for hours and directions at 814-231-2666.

Internet Resources

Looking to meet other ferret owners who are crazy about their pets? Would you like to be a part of a network of people who understand your love of these adorable furry critters? Here are a few ways you can do that!

Join the PFRA Centre eGroup!

Join the PFRA Centre eGroup to stay in touch with shelter happenings!

Join the Ferret Mailing List! Receive a daily digest e-mail of questions, answers, discussion and support from other ferret owners! To subscribe, send an a request to Bill Gruber, the moderator, at ferret-request@cunyvm.cuny.edu.

Ferret Central http://www.ferretcentral.org is the premier site for ferret information. If it's ferrety, it's here.

Are you interested in a national level ferret organization? The American Ferret Association http://www.ferret.org offers shelter listings, educational materials, event listings, and more.

Ferret Healthcare http://www.miamiferret.org/fhc is an excellent website with the most up-to-date information on common ferret diseases like Adrenal and Insulinoma, among others. Contains a veterinary database, supportive care you can do at home, and many other useful tips.

Ferret-Health List http://www.smartgroups.com/groups/ferrethealth This list is excellent - it contains many ferret knowledgeable veterinarians, as well as long-time owners, breeders and shelter operators. It is an invaluable source of medical information.

Ferret Products

We've all been through the struggle of finding the things our ferrets most need, and going into a pet store to find a tiny corner of a shelf devoted to ferret products. The following is a list of places you should be able to find what you're looking for! Know a treasure of a ferret retailer in the central Pennsylvania area? E-mail us and we'll add it!

Local Ferret Food Retailers

The shelter also offers 8in1 Pro Ultimate, TFS Superior Choice and Zupreem Ferret Food.

Wiscoy Pet Food Co. (814-231-8711) - located in the Northland Center off North Atherton in State College, PA, the Wiscoy crew have a wide variety of products for all your pets, including Totally Ferret! Amy is their ferret expert, so ask for her when you have any ferret requests or questions!

Wild Side Pet Store (814-231-0404) - located in the Hamilton Square Plaza in State College, PA. They also stock a small selection of ferret items and are the local Path Valley Ferret Food suppliers. Stop in and say Hi to Steve & Doug!

General Supply Retailers

The Ferret Store http://www.theferretstore.com/ offers an unparalleled selection of ferret goods, and their customer service is outstanding.

Wood Stove Pellet Retailers

Wood stove pellets are the cheapest, safest, and in our opinion, the best litter for ferrets. Give them a try!

Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse - 249 Lowe's Blvd in State College, PA (right off the Toftrees Exit on Rt 322). They stock wood stove pellets seasonally (October thru April), so stock up for those summer months. Call 814-237-2100 for pricing and directions.

Agway Stores - check your local listings in Pleasant Gap, State College & Bellefonte.

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