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Sponsorship Opportunities

The following ferrets are available for sponsorship. To sponsor a ferret or ferrets, please send your donation (check or money order) to PFRA Centre, P.O. Box 1206 State College, Pennsylvania 16804 . Be sure to note the name of the ferret or ferrets whom you wish to sponsor.

If you would prefer to make a secure, online donation please consider using PayPal. PayPal offers a free fast, and secure means of transferring funds from you to the shelter. To place an order using PayPal, make a note of the ferret or ferrets whom you wish to sponsor. Then click on the PayPal icon below. Direct your fund transfer to marypfra@yahoo.com, and list the ferret(s)you are sponsoring in the "Notes" field.

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Buddha (3/99) sable jill who is VERY cute! She is an only ferret who just wants to be a princess - Buddha loves to play with people, as well as get lots of back rubs and scratches. She adores the tubes and tormenting the dogs. Buddha also has her very own sponsor - Christy! Thank you so much for helping make her life at the shelter easier.



Lucy (2/97) is a deaf dark eyed white jill that originally came to our shelter due to a bad backyard breeder dump (Di Bachman of Frosty Paws Ferrets in Maryland) in February of 1998. She was adopted out into a wonderful home that loved her despite her little quirks (she thinks she is a pit bull trapped in a tiny ferret body and loves to do "drive-by" toe attacks). Lucy and her cagemate, Nic, were surrendered back to the shelter when their owners had to move to a new city due to a job change and the arrival of a baby. Lucy and Nic went into Foster Care with Peggy and they did wonderfully. Lucy has not bitten since arriving at Peggy's and she's turned into a cuddle bum. Unfortunately, Nic had to have surgery for insulinoma in August of 2002 and he passed away due to severe diabetes shortly after surgery. Lucy had insulinoma and adrenal surgery in June of 2003 and recovered wonderfully. She and her new cagemate, Cosina, are best buddies now.



Some of the following ferrets were part of a multi-shelter rescue effort. For more information about the NJ Christmas Rescue, visit http://www.ferret.org/news/pr12-23-00.htm.



Claudia (12/97) tiny late alter sable female. Claudia loves to play in tubes and with fishing pole toys. She is still skittish, but with lots of love (and Nutrical!) we are making headway. She is very energetic and gets along well with other ferrets as well as our big dogs.



Gabrielle (12/97) late alter champagne female. Gabrielle is very skittish. She will try to bite when she's scared, but we are making great headway (especially with the Nutrical!). She loves to play with the other NJ girls and gets along well with other ferrets. The fishing pole toy is a favorite of hers, although balls are a close second.



Molly (12/1/99) is a gorgeous champagne female. Molly does not like other ferrets and has a nipping problem due to fear. Molly needs lots of one-on-one time to help calm her fears. With lots of TLC, she has made great strides since she was surrendered. She loves to play with fishing pole toys and climb into laundry baskets for a nap.



Sidney (6/98) sable female & Abigail (8/98) dark-eyed white female are a wonderful pair. They are very playful, yet both love to be cuddled and give kisses. They love fishing pole cat toys and will chase the feathered end for hours. Abigail is deaf (she was originally a panda ferret), but is the sweetest cuddle bum around. Sidney is more the rough & ready tomboy. They don't care for other ferrets, but adore people and chasing big dogs.



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