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The Wish List and Thanks

Our shelter branch, like the Montgomery and Westmoreland County branches, relies heavily on the generosity of fellow ferret supporters to keep our doors open. The cost of providing top-notch care, nutrition, and medical attention can at times be overwhelming. For more information on our expenses and need for donors, please see our Donation Information section of this site. Below is a current "wish list" of the things that are most needed at the Centre County branch of the PFRA, and we'd like to also take a moment to express our sincere thanks to recent donors to the PFRA of Centre County.

The Wish List

Are you looking for an easy (and free!) way to help the shelter? Save your Pro Plan weight circles and your 8 in 1 Ultimate UPCs (bar codes), and mail them to the shelter at PO Box 1206, State College, PA 16804. Through a special program, the shelter can use these cut-outs for discounts on foods. Likewise, clip coupons for any products that may be of use to the shelter and mail them to the above address.

Topping the current needs here at the PFRA of Centre County would be donations toward medical care and surgeries. Monthly shelter expenditures for vaccinations and routine veterinary care is approaching several hundred dollars, and that does not include the cost of emergencies and surgeries.

That said, we equally would like to find some very special homes who would be willing to take on the adoption or foster of a special needs ferret. Most adoption requests are for the younger ferrets - which is good, because we have many younger ferrets for adoption. However, we also have very special older ferrets that want a good, loving home to call their own. If you have the means to accept one of these ferrets into your home and your heart, they will reward you ten times over with their love.

On the supplies side of the wish list... we have a great need for canned Science Diet A/D (available from your veterinarian). Our preferred foods include Totally Ferret, Eight in One Ultimate (not Ultra Blend or Premium), Zupreem, Innova Feline, Eukanuba Lamb & Rice or Kitten formula, TFS Superior Choice (available from www.theferretstore.com), and Pro Plan Kitten.

We go through a great deal of litter, but please note that we only use wood stove pellets (available at any home improvement store).

Supplements such as Ferretone and NutriStat/Nutrical or Ferretvite. Hairball remedies like Laxatone or LaxaStat (or any kitty version) are always welcome. We also go through an enormous amount of cleaning supplies (Odo Ban, Nature's Miracle, Roccal, Syphenol-3, etc.), paper towels, bleach, and Arm and Hammer laundry detergent.


We are always extremely grateful to the kind souls who do make donations to our shelter. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the following people for their recent donations to the PFRA of Centre County:

To Peggy Alden-Clapper, who is one of the greatest volunteers/foster mom/etc. in the shelter's history. She has provided many wonderful items for the shelter, donated her time to watch the shelter and is a great foster mom to many needy ferrets whose lives would not be as wonderful as they are if she did not take them in. Thank you!

To Joann Palmer - another great volunteer who, among other great services, has taken the lead on helping to form a local ferret club - thank you for your time and caring!

To Lisa Little - a great shelter cleaner and ferret-sitter, we don't know what we would do without you and your friendship!

To Kerry Barstad - a great volunteer who helps clean the shelter at least once a week and likes to take road trips on shelter business. Thank you for all your time and patience!

To Sonya S., Thank you so much for your continued sponorship of Stripe & Gambit. They do appreciate it (and so do we!) - you're wonderful!

To Betty & the FuzzieRebels - thank you for adopting my terrible trio and then actually coming back for more to foster another three! It's heartwarming to see how you open your home to these older ferrets that otherwise would be living out their lives in the shelter!

To SherryLynn & Matt - thank you for adopting Kazimir and giving a good home to Umph as a foster ferret. Foster homes are very special people who can make a fuzzie's last few years extremely special - thank you!

To Ellen and Harriet the Ferriet - thank you for your cash donation and the bag of Totally Ferret - it was greatly needed, thank you!

To Heidi - you know what I'm thanking you for - the ferrets appreciate it!

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