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The Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association employs several means of raising funds to keep our doors open. Some sources of income come from adoption fees, and sales of ferret products at shows and events.

My name is Rita! However, this often is still not enough to help combat the expenses incurred in running our shelter facilities. We take in ferrets of all ages, in any health, and we operate as a strict no-kill facility. That means that all ferrets will stay with us until a suitable home can be found, or they will remain with us for the rest of their lives. We provide only the best of care for the ferrets in our facilities. We feed only high-quality diets and provide all vaccinations, veterinary check-ups, and medical care to the ferrets. Our standard adoption fee of $75 on average will cover the cost that each ferret incurs in the first two weeks in residence at the shelter. The average turnaround time for placement of ferrets is three to five months.

Hi, I'm Trouble!We gratefully accept donations of money, food, supplies, bedding, and toys to help keep our costs down and our doors open. If you are interested in making a donation, we have compiled the following guide to help you decide how you would like to best help our shelter.

We would sincerely like to thank everyone who has donated to us in the past. We would not be able to continue in our mission without your help. From the bottom of our hearts, and from each furry friend here, we thank you.

Please see our Local Branches pages for current wish lists of things needed most!

Donors Assistance Guide

The following are specific products the PFRA is always in need of and retailers who make giving easy!

Foods: Totally Ferret, TFS Superior Choice, Zupreem and Path Valley Foods, Pro Plan Growth Formula, Eukanuba Kitten, Innova Feline Diet, Eight In One Ultimate Diet, and Science Diet A/D Formula (canned food for feeding sick ferrets).

Supplies: Food dishes, particularly those that attach to cages like crock lock style; Water bottles; Fervac-D distemper vaccines; Bedding of any kind, such as hammocks, blankets, sleep sacks, towels, sheets, and fabric remnants such as fleece; and Nutritional supplements such as Linatone/Ferretone, NutriCal/FerretVite, and Laxatone/Laxastat.

Monetary Donations: Cash donations may be made directly to the shelter branch of your choice, or may be sent to our shelter veterinarians to be used specifically for medical care. Please see our Local Branches pages for the addresses of our veterinarians. Please make sure to specifically indicate when sending a donation to vets to apply the money to the Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association account. It is also a good idea to let the shelter branch know that a donation has been made.

Donations through Retailers: The following retailers will ship your donations directly to our shelter branches, saving you the inconvenience of shipping.

  • The Ferret Store: You can place an order online, or order a gift certificate, which the shelter branch of your choice can use for whatever is most needed at the time. Simply place your order and tell the customer service representative that the order is for the PFRA and indicate which branch. An added bonus of ordering from The Ferret Store is that they will give a donor shelter pricing on items ordered as a donation for shelters, provided it is shipped to the shelter.

Thank you again for supporting the Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association!



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