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I'm Chance!Any veterinarian will tell you that no matter what kind of pet you have, it needs to go to the vet at least once a year. While this statement is true, you will always hear your friends say that they've had their dog, cat, etc. for fourteen years and it's never needed to go to the vet. I'm pleading with new and unknowing experienced ferret owners to believe me when I say that ferrets MUST have an annual visit to the veterinarian.

First of all, they need their vaccinations, as described in the previous section. Secondly, ferrets (especially over the age of four) should have a series of bloodwork run once a year to scan for various diseases. Ferrets seem to be prone to certain diseases and cancers. Many of the diseases that ferrets get do present symptoms, but in many cases, once the symptoms have become visible it may be too late to save his or her life. If you have a good veterinarian examine your ferret annually, keep accurate records of weight gain and loss, and perform some simple blood tests, it is possible to detect disease before signs are visible, and successfully treat your ferret.

The PFRA requires of all adoptive parties that an annual CBC (complete blood cell count) and a blood glucose test be performed on a yearly basis on ferrets over the age of four. These tests cannot detect all illnesses, but they are a very good place to start when considering your pet's health. There are some reports that ferrets may have as high as a 75% cancer rate. The tests are not expensive, and I honestly believe that your pet's health and well-being are well worth the cost.

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