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About Ferrets


Hi, I'm Tina! It is very unlikely that you will purchase a ferret from a pet store that has not been altered (neutered/spayed). However, if you purchase your ferret from a breeder, he/she may not be altered. PLEASE alter your ferret. Breeding should be left to professionals that are trained and equipped to handle the unique breeding and birthing habits of ferrets. Breeding ferrets is not as simple as breeding cats; many people decide not to spay their cats "just so we can have one litter." It is not a good idea in ferrets! If you would like more information about breeding ferrets, contact us, and we will put you in touch with people who can give you more information.

Whole (unaltered) male ferrets tend to be more aggressive to other ferrets, and the odor that they give off is extremely unpleasant and not suitable for homes. They also start "marking" their territory by peeing on anything they claim as belonging to them (which is just about everything in your home). Female ferrets who are not spayed MUST be bred (preferably with a vasectomized hob) or given a hormone shot to bring them out of season. Ferrets are induced ovulators, which means once they go into season, they stay there the entire breeding season (usually March through September). Being kept in this extended state of high hormones can cause aplastic anemia, which is very often fatal.

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