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Hi there! My name is Sallie :)Even the best ferret owners need a little help now and then. We still need good ferret products and services, books and other publications to inform us of the very latest information, and we need to know where to turn when our ferrets get sick and we can't find the cause. Whatever you are looking for, there are some excellent resources available to help. The following is a list of ferret resources to which the PFRA has extended their recommendation. If you believe that you know of other resources (products/retailers, veterinarians, books, newsletters, etc.), or if you would like us to review a publication/product of yours, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to check it out. If we feel it is worthy of our recommendation, we will gladly add it to our list.


Ferrets for Dummies, by Kim Schilling. This is the most up-to-date book on the market and is absolutely chock full of important information about ferrets.

A Practical Guide to Ferret Care, by Deborah Jeans. The Practical Guide was written several years ago, and there are references to some organizations that no longer exist, however the information on ferret care is excellent and is worth the read!

The Ferret: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet, by Mary Shefferman. Good, basic information about the care of the domestic ferret. Author is also the editor of Modern Ferret magazine.

Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery, by Elizabeth Hillyer and Katherine Quesenberry. This book is an excellent reference book on all aspects of medicine relative to the domestic ferret (also sections on rabbits and rodents). It is a bit on the technical side and beyond perhaps the new ferret owner in some areas, however I still recommend it for all ferret owners. First, it will help all ferret owners to understand illnesses that their ferrets may develop. Secondly, for the ferret owner whose vet may not be an expert in the field of ferret medicine, it may help the owner to work with their vet to diagnose and treat illnesses. In my opinion, no veterinarian that treats ferrets should be without this book.

Sources: Most of these books are available on-line at The Ferret Store, Barnes & Noble and Amazon in addition to most book stores.

Newsletters and Magazines

Ferrets, bi-monthly publication by Fancy Publications. For information about subscribing, please visit Fancy Publication's Animal Network website.

The American Ferret Report, published by the American Ferret Association

Online Resources

The best place for other ferret information is Ferret Central and Ferret Health which are sites that links to most other known ferret websites and also contains a great deal of information. Be sure to check out the Ferret FAQs on the site.

Please see our Links page for more online resources.

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