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Rainbow Bridge


Pepper (3/95) sable female. Pepper resided at the shelter since April of 2001. We watched her grow old in that time. She was slowing down but until recently seemed happy. Sadly, she decided that it was time to leave us and join her brothers at the Rainbow Bridge. She will be missed.



Mike (chocolate male, born 3/15/98) and Ike (sable roan male, born 9/15/97). These two were surrendered along with Smokey, Sonny, Snowflake, Samantha, and Max. While we had dreams of keeping all seven together, we have had to separate them into smaller groups for the right households. Mike and Ike were two sweet laid-back boys who got along GREAT with other ferrets. Mike and Ike had lived at the shelter since March of 2001. During that time they have both had bi-lateral adrenal and insulinoma surgery. Both boys have since developed further medical problems. Sadly, Mike and Ike have both crossed the bridge due to complications from various forms of cancer. They are both greatly missed and we are saddened that they never got to find their forever home, they truly would have made some lucky family wonderful, caring pets.



Buster Brown (8-15-98)- DEW male Buster had a really fun personality and got along great with the other ferrets. He loved to play, dance, play tag and give feather weight kisses. While he was very sad when he first arrived at the shelter, in time he realy came out of his shell. Buster had been diagnosed with IBD via biopsy during adrenal surgery. He recovered very well from the surgery and his adrenal problems appeared to be cured. Unfortunately, Buster's IBD turned to intestinal cancer. Buster is greatly missed. He has taken a piece of my heart with them. May he play and be happy until we meet again.



Spike (?-June 2003)- We are not sure what color Spike would have been had he ever gotten the chance to grow fur. I have a feeling he would have been beautiful. Spike may you find peace and love at the Rainbow bridge that you never got while on earth.

Hawk (he was approx 4 years old when he died July 2003)- a beautiful, gentle chocolate male. He would have made some family very lucky. I wish we could have done more....

Acid (3/97) dark sable male and Arcanna (8/97) albino male. Arcanna was a small petite boy but don't let that fool you - his personality made up for it! Acid was a large fluffy boy who loves to play! These boys fell on hard times when they arrived here and it took a lot of TLC to get them healthy and happy again. Sadly, they both passed away due to health complications before they could find forever homes.



Kai (5/97) sable male. Lynne, Ron and Kira are especially sad to have lost their dear buddy Kai. They've created a special memorial for him.



Cooper (1/30/97) sable male. Cooper took a very long time to get over losing his family, but once he came out of his shell, he turned into a super playful boy! Cooper was scared to death of other ferrets, but was a very sweet and gentle natured soul. He loved playing with people and would keep you laughing for hours with his antics! We are very sad to report that Cooper finally lost his battle with ill health. We miss him greatly.





Rascal (1/96) sable male. Rascal was surrendered with Cleo in 1999. He was absolutely wonderful and loveable and got along GREAT with other ferrets. Rascal recently had his second adrenal surgery and was slowly growing back his fur. Sadly Rascal joined his cagemate Cleo at the Rainbow Bridge when he lost his fight with cardiomyopathy.



Winter (2/96) light silver female - Winter was part of a pair who were left inside a mattress cover stuffed in a cage. We returned home one day to find that they were left under the tree in our yard! Winter and her sister Autumn were very scared and hesitant of their surroundings when they first came here. We're very sad to report that Winter passed on due to severe auto-immune complications very unexpectedly.



Bear (5/97) sable "blaze wanna-be" male - Bear was a lucky little boy because he and his cagemate Dakota found a very loving home with Jason and Vickie. Sadly, adrenal disease ultimately took his life. We are all sad to have lost this playful little boy.



Vladimir (4/1/97) chocolate male. Vlad was a big beautiful chocoalte boy who didn't act his age. He had boundless energy and loved to play. His favorite game was running between my legs and darting out the shelter room door :) Sadly this very sweet, affectionate boy did not survive his adrenal surgery. We will miss him greatly.



Weasel (3/95) chocolate blaze male. Weasel was a cute, little blaze boy who was a part of our adrenal study with Dr Wagner. He was EXTREMELY playful for his age and loved to wrestle with other ferrets. As another long-time resident of the shelter, Weasel happily lived with "old farts" in their retirement home. He had so much spunk and love for life. It was very hard to watch cancer take the light out of his eyes. Weasel was very loved by many of the shelter volunteers. Helen in particular had a very special place in her heart for him. Weasel we are so lucky to have had these years to know and love you. You are greatly missed by your human and furry family.



Meiko (10/94). Meiko lost her cagemate shortly after being surrendered. She quickly formed a great friendship with another older shelter girl, Mira after her cagemate, Sasha, passed away. Meiko had adrenal surgery and was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. She doesn't get along well with other ferrets but loves to cuddle with people very much. Meiko resided at the shelter for about three years. She earned her "cranky old lady" badge and wore it well. She was very loved by her sponsors Kim and Bob who visited her as often as possible. She was a spunky girl who fought an amazing fight against lymphoma. We will miss you toe-tip dance Miss Meiko. Play and frolic until we meet again.



Levi (6/17/95) Chocolate male. Levi was surrendered to the shelter with adrenal disease and insulinoma. Levi was helped across the bridge this past Saturday April 27th. Levi had been with us since 10/14/99 and was just shy of 7 yrs old. Like so many other ferrets who are surrendered when they are older Levi didn't have any great chances of finding a new home. Levi had become a permanent part of the shelter. Many who came to the shelter fell in love with his big dark eyes and the little snuffing noise he made when he put his nose in your ear but Levi did *not* like other ferrets and again and again he was passed over. Those who volunteered regularly loved to play with him and cuddle him. He found everything he ever wanted and needed in human companionship. Levi underwent 3 surgeries for various health issues while he was here. About 2 1/2 months ago a tumor was discovered that was inoperable. Levi outlived all expectations and the last two months with him were wonderful. Life here without him is just not the same. We miss you little bubba! May the bridge offer you ferretone to lick and ears to snurf......



  Chico (3/96) chocolate male. Chico came to us along with his cagemates Redman, Jazz, and Pepper. He, Jazz and Redman looked like triplets and were full of playfullness. We are very sorry to have lost this sweet little boy.



Jazz (3/96) Jazz was helped across the bridge on April 8th. He had been slowing down over the past few weeks and the pred and TLC has stopped helping. Jazz was a beautiful big chocolate boy that stole everyone's heart. He was here for just over a year and was 7 1/2 yrs old. He is greatly mised by us and his cage mates.



   Redmond (3/96) Redmond joined his brother Chico and Jazz when he lost his fight with lymphoma in December.



Pherris (2/96) chocolate female. Pherris (of Stetson and Pherris for all of you "old-time" shelter volunteers) has been fighting a while with an "unknown" ailment (Dr. Wagner thought it was kidney failure, but I [Chris] suspect more than just that after seeing her at Christmas time). Well, Otter called us today (1/2/02) to tell us that Pherris had a horrible night and that he had been up with her since about 3:30 AM this morning. He was totally broken down (having lost Sabrina early in 2001). From what he described, Pherris was still Pherris on the inside (same eyes, same looks, same spirit), but unfortunately her body had finally given up. She was very ill and he did EVERYTHING he could for her (he told me he would sacrifice a chicken to the voodoo gods to help her and he's a vegan! They both fought to the bitter end, but after speaking with him this morning, we told him that it was more than likely time and that Pherris' body was trying to tell him that.

Otter and Christine decided to help Pherris cross the bridge today. I'm sure it was devastating to Otter and Christine. Pherris was very special to all of us. We were SO HAPPY, when Otter and Christine said they wanted to give Pherris a HOME. She had been at the shelter forever (part of the time with Stetson, but the majority of it alone) and didn't get along with other ferrets, so no one ever really showed much interest in her. It never quite made sense to me, she is a wonderful girl, sweet as sweet can be, but there are a bunch like that that have passed through the shelter without being adopted. Anyway, I digress.

Pherris was a very special ferret (despite some of her habits) and she will be missed immensely by Otter, Christine, Tara and myself. She's playing at the Bridge now, happy and healthy, back with her only ferret buddy, Stetson. We miss both of you, more than mere words can say. They will play happily until we see them again.



Odin (1/93) chocolate roan male. Odin was left, taped in a cardboard box, outside of the Green County SPCA. He was still whole, very stinky, and actually not very friendly when he first arrived at the shelter. We had him neutered and this "dirty" little ferret turned into a different animal. He became a fluffy, clean, guy who LOVED to give kisses. Odin had fused vertebrae in the lumbar region of his spine, which caused him to have difficulty walking on "bad days". He got around though, and loved to play. Erin, who gave Odin his own loving home, is very sad to report that she had to help him cross the bridge on December 1st, 2001. While Erin can no longer spoil her little Odin man as she once did, she still loves him very much. They were truly fortunate and happy to have one another. We will all miss our little trooper, Odin.



Danny (chocolate male born 9/96): Danny was surrendered here in 1998 with three cagemates. Chinook and Sasquatch were a little older than Danny and his brother Sterling. When surrendered, Danny was balding from adrenal disease and seemed quite sickly. Shortly after his adrenal surgery in 1998, Danny blossomed into a beautiful and VERY playful boy! Sadly, Chinook and Sasquatch both passed away in 2000. His true buddy, Sterling recently crossed the bridge in June, 2001. Looking back on their arrival here three years ago, we'd have never guessed that Danny would have been the one to outlive the rest of The Boyz. On November 10th, Danny finally decided that he was ready to Cross the Bridge and rejoin his friends. Danny slipped away quietly in his sleep in his favorite hammock. While Danny's loss (as always) was deeply saddening for us at the shelter and those who knew him, knowing that he is now back with his best friends, frolicking and happy, makes me smile immensely. Knowing that the "foursome" is back together again, and waiting for us, gives us a warm, calm feeling. We loved them all and we helped them all through their journey through life. They are ALL missed, but we'll see them again. We love you boys, play well until we see you again!!



Autumn (7/98 to 9/01) chocolate female. Autumn was part of the special pair that was left under a tree in our yard. She was very sweet and was just starting to come out of her shell. We are very saddened by her sudden death and miss her greatly. Winter misses her as well. Play hard, little Autumn. We're so sorry you passed away.



Jasmine (9/1/95 to 10/5/01) Jasmine was surrendered with long-time adrenal disease. We took her in for surgery and sadly, she did not make it. Her vet found many things happening inside of her besides a nasty right adrenal, he pancreas was riddled with insulinoma tumors. We know that her vet did everything possible for her, but she slipped away. She was very loved and we miss her very much. The only comfort we have is knowing that she is dancing with he brother Scooter once again. Little Jasmine, we miss you, Sweetie.



Cleo (1/96 - 8/29/01) albino female. Cleo was a beautiful rambunctious girl who loved her Rascal and loved other ferrets. She was with us for quite a long time - about 2 ˝ years. Cleo was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and also has a bad heart murmur in 2000. She was also ailing from insulinoma and adrenal disease but due to her severe heart condition, couldn't be operated on. Despite her ailments, Cleo was a real trooper and lived to come out and explore her home everyday. We miss her very much.



Tulip (8/96 - 4/00) Tulip was a wonderful, beautiful little silver mitt girl who came to us completely bald. After about 1 month in the Adrenal Study with Dr. Wagner, she blossomed into a beautiful, healthy, bouncing girl. She started to show signs of lethargy and a very large spleen and after several visits to see our vet and Dr. Wagner, she passed away due to Lymphoma/Splenitis complications.

Sparky (3/95 to 7/01) Sparky lost his cage mate shortly after arriving at the shelter and was very depressed. Tulip was transfered to our shelter to be part of the adrenal study and missed her cage mates very much. Tulip and Sparky found what they needed in each other and fell in love. After Tulip passed away in 2000, Sparky never opened his heart up to another ferret. He loved his shelter mom and dad though. Sparky had insulinoma and adrenal surgery in March, 2001 and responded well. Unfortunately, his age just caught up to him and Sparky passed away peacefully in his sleep.

We miss them both greatly, but it makes us happy to know that Sparky and Tulip are together once again.



Lisa's Queen Nala (7/4/97 - 7/6/01) When I first started going out to the shelter to volunteer, I had my heart set on adopting a big fluffy lap ferret. So naturally, I fell in love with the littlest, skinniest spaz who was balding from adrenal disease. I didn't care - there was something special about her and I saw it - I was lucky. I picked her up on the fourth of July in 1999. We'd just celebrated our two year anniversary together and Nala's fourth birthday.

Nala and I were a perfect match. She was my best bud, and I know that I was hers as well. We bonded like no other pet and owner I've ever known. She'd sit up on my shoulder and all was well when we were together. She was truly meant for me and I'm so thankful that I found her and that I had two wonderful years with her.

She was my learning ferret and she always kept me on my toes. She wasn't a sickly ferret by any means - but she always scared me - and then bounced back 110%! Nala taught me how to administer meds when she became sick and how to force feed a sick ferret. She taught me that there's no such thing as a truly "ferret-proofed" room when she managed to get her head stuck in a one inch space about 3 feet off the ground in my desk. Nala taught me how to do aftercare for surgeries and the sadness of having to leave a ferret overnight at the vet's (too many times!). Sadly, Nala taught me the worst and most painful thing of all - what it feels like to lose the little buddy that you love more than anything in the world.

Sweet Nala, I am forever grateful for our time together and will always have an empty spot in my heart where you once lived. Play hard little angel. Until we meet again….

Love and tears,



Sterling (9/96 - 6/18/01): On Monday, June 18th, 2001, we lost a very dear friend who's spirit was unlike any other. His joy and zest for life were unmatched. He loved each day to the fullest. Everyone who met him, loved him. He made sure of that.

We helped Sterling cross the Bridge on Monday and it was one of the hardest things I (Chris) have ever had to do. We actually made the appointment 3 times, and cancelled it each time, hoping against all odds for a miracle. That miracle did not come.

Sterling was with us for almost 3 years, along with his friend Danny. He came in as part of a four-some, including Sasquatch and Chinook too. These four immediately stole our hearts, each had his own personality, his own cute traits, and his own beauties. Sterling, however, stole everyone's hearts. He was famous for sitting "buddha-style" and licking his belly. He would run and jump and play, then simply roll over and look at you with those big black eyes as if to say, "Aren't I cute? Dontcha just HAVE to love me?" He was happiest with people around him to love him, to cuddle him, and of course, to tell him how darn cute he is.

Sterling had the ability to wow anyone and even has won several 1st place ribbons and trophies at shows. In his prime, he was gorgeous. He looked exactly like all the happy-go lucky ferrets on the advertisement pictures for ferret products. He'd never even had a cold. He was truly one of a kind.

Sterling started showing signs of what seemed to be simple Insulinoma earlier this year. We scheduled his surgery and were surprised to find that two large tumors were growing on his pancreas along with numerous smaller nodules. The larger of the two and 25% of his pancreas were removed and sent for biopsy. The results came back with a less than promising diagnosis, Islet Cell Carcinoma that had metastasized onto the lymph node, a rare condition in ferrets.

This type of cancer is quick acting and non-curable. Sterling was started immediately on a regimen of Prednisolone, Proglycem, and Essiac Herbal remedy, however, no matter what we did, nothing seemed to help him feel better. We watched this wonderful, loving, energetic, beautiful boy, slowly become a tired, sad, and very ill ferret. This, perhaps was the hardest part of all, to remember him when he arrived and to see him at the end. He simply was not Sterling anymore and he wasn't happy.

So, on that third appointment, I took him into the vets, told him that he was a good boy and that mommy, daddy, and Lisa loved him so much, that we were so sorry we couldn't do more for him, but that when he woke up, Chinook and Sasquatch would be waiting to play with him. I talked to him constantly while his tranquilizer took effect.

He looked up at me, as if to say "Bye Daddy, I'm tired and it's time for me to go" and he slowly drifted off to "sleep". I kissed him while our vet administered his shot to help him on his journey to the Bridge. The sparkle left his eyes and the tears filled mine. He was gone and I never felt so horrible in my life. I broke down, screamed, and finally just sobbed. My little buddy was gone and I sent him away, didn't I? No, I didn't.

After thinking about it more, after the tears finally stopped, I realized, even though he's not with me anymore physically, he'll always be with Tara, Lisa, and me. He made sure of that, he left a little piece of himself imbedded in our hearts. We didn't send him away, we released him to be himself again, happy, healthy, loving, cute Sterling. He is all he once was and more now. He frolicks happily at the Bridge forever, waiting to meet us again.

We all miss you Sterling, more than we can say with mere words. Your absence here is heart-breaking, but knowing we will see you again always makes me smile. Run and play sweet boy, until we meet again. We love you.

Mom, Dad, and Lisa



Bandit (12/94) Silver-Mitt Roan male. In August, 2000, Bandit underwent both adrenal and insulinoma surgery. Despite his surgery, Bandit's insulinoma continued to worsen and fail him. Bandit was a sweet boy who loved his cagemate Missy - the two were always found sleeping together. Bandit, we'll miss you!



Scooter (chocolate male)- Scooter and his sister Jasmine were surrendered to the shelter with some health problems. Scooter suffered from bad insulinoma and adrenal disease and after being surrendered, he missed his family terribly. Despite our best efforts, Scooter was just too weak from his ailments to fight off the depression and after only two weeks of being here, Scooter passed away. Jasmine, and we all miss you Scooter.



Mondo Simkins (June 4th, 1993 - April 5th, 2001) Mondo lost his cagemate, Milo, over a year ago. He went through terrible depression and almost died. Chris and Tara had to force feed him and help him deal with his depression. When I started going to the shelter, we bonded. He always perked up and played when I was there. He'd go back to his usual lonely demeanor after the visits were over. We talked for a month or two about him coming home with me as a foster boy. We decided it was time just last August 2000. I officially adopted Mondo on Sunday, March 25th, 2001. I wanted him to have a home all his own, one that no one could ever take away from him.

Mondo's love for me shone through every time we looked at each other. His deep black eyes sparkled like gems and he always wore a beautiful smile for me. Our last few nights together as pals were amazing! He played and dooked and bounced... I'm glad he gave me one last hurrah before he needed to go. It's comforting to know that I'll always have those memories of him before he passed. He gave me more than I could have ever asked for, and he gave it with pure free-flowing love. In return, the best thing I could give him was peace and pain-free eternal rest...

Mondo, my sweet and loving boy, my silver shadow, I'll see you again some day. Until then, please know that you have stolen every inch of my heart, every piece of my soul and you will forever be a part of me. I am eternally grateful for the love that you so willingly shared with me. Thank you.

I love you, I miss you...
xo, Mom



Mira (10/92) Sable female. We are very sad to report that we needed to help Mira cross the Rainbow Bridge. She had developed a severe nasal abscess that was making it very hard for her to eat and breathe. She stopped eating (she would just clamp her jaws shut and refuse) and by the next morning, she was in bad shape. We took her down to Dr. Sliwa's on Friday at about 1 pm and were with her to the end.

Mira was feisty little girl, bald and "bitchy" She and Meiko got along very well since Sasha left us. She now gets to frolic and play with Sasha at the bridge. We and Meiko really miss this little girl. She was a special part of the shelter and our hearts. She was 9 years old, she led a good life. She's happy now and waits for us at the Bridge. We miss you Mira.



Kodo (8/93) sable female. Kodo, who has been battling lymphoma and adrenal disease for almost two years, lost her battle with the horrible disease. She was a fighter to the very end though. Although Kodo became weak from the lymphoma, she still enjoyed coming out and strolling around the playroom everyday. Kodo was a transfer from another PFRA branch when we first came to Westmoreland County and was never really well from the beginning. Even with her illnesses, she never really let it get her down. Kodo wasn't one of those ferrets who "grabbed" you and made you want to love them, but she was so lovable all the same. We miss her spirit very much. Please say a little prayer or send a good thought Kodo's way. She frolicks at the Bridge now, healthy and happy. We miss you sweetie.



Samson (7/95) heavy silver male and Delilah (1/96) sable female. Samson and Delilah were rescued from a destitute situation by shelter volunteer and friend, Jackie. They were in serious trouble. In the time they spent here at the shelter, they put on weight and loved to play and be happy. Sadly, Samson developed advanced cardiomyopathy. Even with his advanced heart disease, Samson didn't let it take over his life. He'd still come out for playtimes and romp with the youngest of ferrets. After battling the illness for a year, it had gotten the best of him and we had to help Samson cross the bridge. Delilah lived for some time after her successful adrenal surgery, but the time came when she had to join Samson at the bridge. We'd like to thank our special friend Jackie for saving him and Delilah and for sponsoring these two. Jackie, you certainly made a HUGE difference in Samson and Delilah's lives. Samson and Delilah, we miss you and we love you.



  Isaac - dark silver mitt - Isaac only blessed us with his presence for three days. He was surrendered to the shelter looking like he had swallowed a potato. His tummy was huge but he wasn't fat. For the first two days, Isaac was eating great and going to the bathroom fine. Then late one evening, we heard him crying in his cage and trying to go potty unsuccessfully. We took him in for emergency surgery the next morning. He was bright-eyed and sweet as could be when we took him in. Our vet called a few hours later - he was full of lymphoma. His intestines were so full of cancer that he couldn't pass a stool anymore. We decided that it was the kindest thing to let him go. Issac wasn't with us long, but we loved him all the same.



Leo (9/96) sable male. Leo was transferred to the shelter from the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh. At that time, his entire body had been shaved, save his head, and he looked kind of funny, but we also noticed that his belly had typical adrenal hair loss. He was accepted into the adrenal study and had shown total remission of signs and grown in a beautiful, plush coat. Sadly, little Leo recently passed away.



Sasha (6/95) Chocolate female. Sasha was one of the older bald girls with adrenal disease. She went in for adrenal surgery and it didn't go as well as we had hoped. Her right adrenal tumor was very large and wrapped into her liver. It was so large that it had literally attached itself to her left adrenal gland. Sadly, Sasha passed away later that night. We're so sorry we couldn't make you well, beautiful girl. We miss you Sasha. We're happy to report that Mira (Sasha's cagemate) and Meko (another of our sponsorship girls) have decided to become friends and Mira seems much happier now.



Baby (8/95) sable female and Kodo (4/94) chocolate male Kodo's partner Baby passed away in her sleep. This was very unexpected as Baby was fighting off a skin infection but she was doing very well. Baby was a sweetheart and loved to play. We remember her mostly for biting at her cage to be let out ALL THE TIME. She had so much energy and was such a happy little sable girl. Kodo went to the vet's earlier this past summer for adrenal surgery. When the vet opened him up, it was found that poor Kodo had tumors on just about every organ possible. The vet wanted to put Kodo to sleep - he even said that Kodo should not even be alive with that much cancer in him. Kodo was still a very happy and energetic ferret and was just loving life. Chris and Tara opted to give Kodo a few more months to enjoy being a ferret. If it ever came time where Kodo was in any pain or wasn't enjoying life anymore, then they would help him. Last night Kodo's battle with cancer came to an end and he passed away quietly and peacefully in his sleep.



Fitzgerald Fitz was surrendered to the shelter from a very neglectful house. Immediately, Helen took Fitz into her home as a foster ferret so that he could receive the best one-on-one love and attention possible. This was undoubtedly the brightest time of little Fitz's life since he was finally able to experience what love felt like. Helen showed Fitz all the finer things in ferret life. She introduced him to his favorite toy (a squeaky hotdog) and gave him only the plushest of hammocks and bedding. Unfortunately, Fitz's long history of neglect had already caught up with him and he only had two months to enjoy all of Helen's love. Fitz crossed the bridge due to kidney failure the day before he was to be adopted by Helen. Fitz will be missed by everyone who met him, but most of all, from his mommy, Helen.



Pudgy (2/99) sable male passed away during his stay at the shelter. He will be missed by all. On a happier note, his brother, Buddy, has found a wonderful home with Lisa, a super shelter volunteer.



Sasquatch    Sasquatch was a sensitive soul. He was one of the oldest ferrets here at the shelter. Plagued with a variety of ailments from insulinoma to adrenals to cell growths, he didn't let it get him down and he still came out to play daily, and even sometimes danced when he got particularly excited.



Zoe (2/93) chocolate female. Elmo and Zoe were delivered to a TRFC member's home, tied in a pillow case. Zoe was a quiet, little girl. She was blind and suffered from adrenals and insulinoma, but as with Sasquatch, she keept chugging along and still had a zest for life. We are sorry to say that Zoe passed away in May of 2000.

Elmo got along great with all the other "Old Farts" in the shelter and lived to play with his 20+ friends! Elmo's insulinoma started getting worse around December, 2000 and gradually, his health declined. Elmo passed away peacefully in his sleep one night. He is greatly missed by us, our volunteers, and all his friends here at the shelter. We find peace in knowing that, at the bridge, he is young again, and Zoey and all his friends who have passed before him were there waiting for him. We miss you and love you Elmo & Zoe!



Pokey Pokey was a gentle soul to whom life dealt a bad hand. A not-so-good home where he didn't get the help he needed with his adrenal disease, then a surrender to our shelter that finally got him the help he needed in the form of an experimental new drug which was beginning to work it's magic on him. Unfortunately, life had one more bad card to play in Pokey's hand, Lymphoma. Pokey passed away very suddenly and peacefully. He was a very well-loved ferret despite his balding and "strange" look. His spirit and attitude won over people's hearts almost in an instant. He will be sadly missed by us here at the shelter. He was beginning to grow some hair at the end, maybe he would have been a chocolate. We miss you "Pokemon"!!



Milo Milo was an "old girl". She wasn't fond of other weasels, but she sure loved her Mondo. He's been very sad since she's been gone. She was a sweet, tiny, delicate little girl, with the attitude of a lion. She could kick butt when she wanted to and scream at the top of her lungs when anyone fought back until mommy or daddy saved her. Milo had a successful adrenal surgery while she resided at the shelter, but in the end it was simply her age that got to her. We estimate that she was at least 7 if not closing in on 8 when she passed away. We, as well as Mondo, look forward to seeing her again some day.



Cosmo Cosmo was truly a unique ferret. He had an operation to remove a lump at the base of his tail before coming to the shelter, and the veterinarian who performed the surgery decided it would be better to remove his entire tail. This gave him the appearance of a little brown bear butt when you looked at him from behind. He was quiet and gentle. He loved to cuddle and loved his treats. Cosmo now graces the heavens with his presence. This world is a sadder place, and the Rainbow Bridge a much happier one, now that the little "tailess wonder" is dancing and dooking there. Abbe, Jasmine, and mommy and daddy will never forget you, a piece of you will always be in our hearts. Play happily little boy, you surely deserve it.




Chinook Chinook was the 4th member of "The Boyz". He had absolutely gorgeous eyes that could make your heart melt and always bring a smile to your face, no matter what life had thrown at you that day. Chinook and Tara have a very unique bond, they absolutely fell in love with each other at first site, almost inseparable. Chinook started showing signs of adrenal disease in late 1999. We decided to have surgery on him at the end of December and the surgery was a success. He recovered very well for 2 full days, then started to show very strange signs of possible neurological problems the following Sunday. By that afternoon, the vets informed us that he was suffering from severe neurological trauma more than likely from a blood clot that had made it's way into his brain, and that there really wasn't anything that we could do for him. We decided to help Chinook on his way to the Rainbow Bridge. It was one of the hardest decisions we've ever made, but it was made because it was the best choice for him. It was a shock to both of us, the beautiful, loving, gentle little soul was so quickly ripped from our lives, we didn't know how to react. Tara was devastated, I was a wreck. How could this happen? January 2nd, 2000 our baby doll passed from this world to the next. He now frolics happily and safely at the Bridge, playing with Bandit, Sasha, Rikki, and all the others that went before him. We miss you more than we could possibly say "Nookie Bear", tears still stream down my face as I write this. He was a very special ferret and we feel both honored and extremely happy that he was brought into our lives. He brings light to the Bridge and we can only think of one other place that he should be, here with us. We love and miss you Chinook.




Raven Raven got her name from her beautiful color. Dark and dark could be, black as night. An absolutely Georgeous black sable girl. She was spunky, happy, loved to jump and play and chase around the big boys, a little bundle of joy. Raven was only about 3 when she passed away, much too short of a life for such a wonderful little ferret. She is missed by all of her playmates, but most of all by Yoshi, her cagemate for the last 2 years of her life. We have no doubt that Raven is happily jumping and dooking ALL OVER the Rainbow Bridge for all eternity, and probably causing a few problems too, she was always into something. Play well little one, we'll see you soon.




Stetson Stetson, our prize winner. His big black eyes, his funny antics, his overall cuteness. What's not to like!! Stetson is a beautiful, dark-eyed white, gentle and kind, yet playful and always excited. He personified a ferret's "love of life" mentality. It was very hard to see him pass away from complications due to lymphoma. He was a fighter to the very end, never wanted to give up, always wanting to play, until the day when his little body couldn't play anymore. Stetson is very deeply missed by his cagemate, Pherris. She has never shown any sign of getting along with anyone else, and we don't think she ever will. Stetson taught her that being with another ferret could not only be tolerated, but could actually be fun. She still looks around for him from time to time, and honestly so do we. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Bob Wagner of the Fox Chapel Animal Hospital for doing all that he could to help this very special little boy, his guidance and compassion were greatly appreciated during this trying time. Stetson is no doubt winning the Dark-eyed white specialty classes in heaven, just like he did so well here on earth. He is a beautiful boy and is missed terribly by both human and ferret alike. We love you Stetson.

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