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Harmony (approx 5 yr old) dark-eyed white female. Harmony is growing in brand new coat after her adrenal surgery. She has lots of spunk and is very independent. She is a little Energizer bunny :) Harmony was the last of the 7 ferrets remaining and we are happy to report she has found her forever home with our good friend Peggy. Peggy, thank you YET AGAIN for opening your heart and home to some of the most special ferrets who have ever graced our shelter, without you, Harmony wouldn't have the wonderful home and new friends she enjoys now.



Gizmo (12/01) is an adorable sable male that could be Buzz's long lost brother. He very rarely got to come out and play at his old home and is so happy to run and stretch and have fun. He is a very interactive ferret. Gizmo has been vaccinated and given a clean bill of health and we would like to thank Jason and Vickie for once again opening their hearts to shelter ferrets in need and adopting not only cute, young Gizmo, but especially for giving Spencer another chance at a wonderful, loving home as well. THANK YOU from us and these two wonderful boys!!
Spencer (8-15-98) light chocolate male with a great personality who gets along great with other ferrets. He loves to dance and play tag. Spencer wanted a place that he could be comfortable and know that he never has to leave and thanks to Jason and Vickie, he now has that. While we miss him here, we know he is loving his new life with his new brother Cinnamon and his old friend Spencer.

Allie (approx 4 yrs old) a gorgeous black roan mitt female. She has a black nose you cant help but kiss! Allie was bald except for her head, feet and a tuff on her tail. She is full of fire and life and is so wonderful to play with. You can't help but smile when Allie is around. She has grown in a beautiful coat since her adrenal surgery and is doing great! We would like to thank Jennifer, Michael and family for giving both Allie and Honey their forever homes.

Honey (approx 4 yrs old) a sweet chocolate female. Honey was also totally bald except for her feet and head. She has recovered great from surgery and is working on growing in the last of the missing fur on her tail. She is more quiet and a little shy but is happy to come out of her shell with a little encouragement. We would like to thank Jennifer, Michael and family for giving both Honey and Allie their forever homes.

Ross (sable male, born 10/1/01) Ross is a 2 yr old sable male who was abandoned by his previous owner. He was taken in by a kind neighbor and fostered until an appropriate home could be found. Many thanks to Dawnice and family for caring for Ross as a foster family, and many thanks to Brian, Shelly, and Meeps for giving Ross a forever home.

Sebastian (approx 4.5 yrs old) a big, beautiful sable male he is a such a love bug. Sebastian has spunk and likes to play but his heart lies in getting ear rubs and cuddles. The girls love to curl up with him. Sebastian had successful adrenal and spleenectomy surgery. He is finishing up growing in his new coat. He has the prettiest eyes. Happily Sebastian and Bear have gone to a forever home with Susan.



Bear (approx 3.5 yrs old)- cute light chocolate male. Bear is spunky and a real ham. He loves to play and goes out of his way to get you to interact with him. Bear gets along great with other ferrets and needs to be placed in the company of one of his fellow cagemates. Bear is our most recent adrenal surgery and is already growing in new fur. He is a real cutie. Happily Bear and Sebastian have gone to a forever home with Susan.



Frosty (8/01) and Buzz (2/02) and are bonded pair of gorgeous boys. Frosty is a stunning dark eyed white and Buzz is an adorable sable with the cutest knee patches. They are big, friendly boys who get along well with others. They are very well socialized, and Buzz loves to give kisses. They are very fun boys who are a joy to cuddle (they are so soft and fuffly :) and play with. We're happy to report that this duo has found a super forever home.



Mackie (8/02) Mackie is a sweet sable boy who has not had it easy in his very short life. Mackie was found in a taped-up PetLand box in a McDonalds parking lot this August. A wonderful family saw the box and fearing an animal was inside opened it to find Mackie. They didn't even know what kind of animal he was but could tell he was in serious need of medical care and took him to a local vet. The vet called one of their ferret clients, who in turn called the shelter...that is how Mackie was saved. It took a lot of people caring, and Mackie is beyond worth all the effort. After a week in the vet hospital to recover from severe dehydration, malnutrition and neglect Mackie came to us. Thank you, Peggy, for making room for Mackie. He is doing wonderfully. He is loving having so much space to run and play and is quickly making friends.



Buddy chocolate male (11/01) Buddy was so adorable, we didn't even have time to get a photo of him before he went to his new home. Brought all the way from Beaver County, Buddy has since relocated to West Virginia where he is spoiled silly by Otter and Christine. He's now a happy part of their ferret crew.



Cinnamon (11/99) chocolate male and Smokey (11/97) light silver male. Cinnamon was a champion leg jumper. He would jump and jump at you and MAKE you play with him. This super cute and playful duo found a great home with Vicki & Jason! Congrats on your new additions! We miss them already!



The "Girls"
Godiva (2/15/00)-chocolate female Fiona (8/15/00)- Sable female, Sassy (2/15/02)-Albino female. The girls were found in an abandoned residence and turned over to the local Humane Society. They were in very poor physical condition due to extended lack of food and water. Fiona was in the worse shape of all weighing in at only 12 ounces and unable to stand or walk. Godiva and Sassy weighing in at little over a pound each were better off but not by much :( The girls were turned over to us the following morning for intensive supportive care. Flea-ridden and extremely weak, dehydrated, and starving the girls made a miraculous recovery at the shelter. They responded to food, love and supportive care better than we ever could have hoped. They gained weight by leaps and bounds and are three of the cutest girls we have ever had the pleasure of caring for. They have tons of energy and love to play with the other ferrets. They're very happy now in their forever home!



Bugsy (12/1/00) sable male. Bugsy is a stray that came into via the Beaver County HS. He was a little skittish at first but now is very sweet and friendly. He plays well with other young ferrets and has a ton of energy. He was very thin when he came to the shelter but he ate double time to make up for it :) Thanks you Elizabeth L. and family for giving Bugsy a wonderful home.



Chan chocolate mitt male (9/17/01) and Luda dark sable male (10/12/01) Private surrender. These two boys are late alters. The shelter worked to improve their biting issues. Thank you Erin A. for once again opening your heart and home to these "special needs" ferrets!



DaVinci (11/1/01) sable male stray. He was seen running in a dorm parking lot at Pitt and hitched a ride home with an unsuspecting family. Many thanks to Otter and Christine for giving a very special boy a special home. You guys can house-sit for us anytime!! :)



Isabella Otter and Christine...why adopt one when you can have two? Thank you so much for taking Isabella into your home as well. We know she will be treated like a queen all her days!



Trixie - (4/25/96) Chocolate female. Trixie decided that living with Norton was not the thing for her. After separating the pair on a trial basis, we decided that is seemed as if both liked life better living in their own homes. SO. . . for the benefit of the ferrets, they were separated. Trixie has been adopted by foster mom and shelter volunteer Lynne T. and we and Trixie couldn't be happier. Trixie is doing wonderful, she's happy and healthy. Many thanks to Lynne for again opening her heart to a wonderful little ferret who simply needed a mother's loving touch and a home of her own.



Ernie (1/1/02) chocolate male. Private surrender. Sweet as can be and *very* playful. Gets along well with other young energenic ferrets. We knew he wouldn't stay around long :) Thank you Christine and Otter for giving him such a wonderful home!!



Paco (12/1/01) DEW male and Smokey (12/1/01) sable female. Private surrender to the BCHS. Sweet energenic ferrets who would be a great pair for any ferret lover! Get along well with others. Thanks to Tammy and her family for providing a loving permanent home for this great pair!



Bear (5/97) sable "blaze wanna-be" male and Dakota (5/97) albino male. Bear got along with other ferrets despite the fact that he had adrenal disease and Dakota is just a big puff ball. We really thought that they were going to be *lifers* here at the shelter but they were just waiting for the pefect home which they have found with Jason and Victoria. Thanks so much guys! With a heavy heart, we report that Bear passed on in October.



Norton - (4/25/96) Albino male. Norton is a healthy fat boy who LOVES to play and loves life! Norton seems to be just fine in his new bachelor pad. He still loves to come out and play with the other ferrets though. He and Trixie were having some serious problems staying together, so we decided to try Trixie out on her own. Thank you to Susan for opening her heart and home to such a wonderful fuzzy!



Runner (black sable male born approx. 1/15/01) and Modo (Sable male, born 10/00) were both adopted into the home of Erin A. (Thor's mom). Thank you so much for giving these two energetic boys such a great home. They are missed, but we couldn't be happier when we hear an update about how well they are both doing. Thanks again Erin!!



Nicholas (chocolate mitt male, born 10/00) - Nick is the best looking chocolate mitt we've ever seen! He's very playful and gets along great with other ferrets! Nicholas has been adopted to our newest shelter volunteers, Kim and Bob. The best thing about this adoption is that Kim and Bob bought a house very close to the shelter, so that we get to see little Nicholas as often as we want!!! Thanks guys for giving such a special little boy an absolutely wonderful home with you and your boys (Barley and Hops, they are SO cute, you've gotta see these weasels!!)



Jimmy and Casper (6/98) Sable male and marked white male. Jimmy and Casper found a wonderful new home! After over a year here at the shelter, we'd pretty much assumed they were here to stay but they are now in their own home being spoiled rotten! We couldn't be happier!



Gusto (5/10/01) chocolate male and Schwartz (3/18/01) dark sable male. Both these sweet young boys were brought here as babies. Gusto was a stray and Schwartz was abandoned in his home. These two boys caught the eye of Becky and her fiance'. Thanks for your support Becky! The boys certainly appreciate the great home you're able to give them!



Maxx (light silver male, born 9/15/99), Snowflake (albino male, born 3/18/00), and Samantha (chocolate female, born 3/4/00). These three were surrendered as part of a group of seven young ferrets. Their brothers Sonny and Smokey have found homes and now these three have also! Congrats and thank you to Kyle for giving these three a great and loving home!



Potter and Weasley - (4/98) Potter and Weasley brought so much joy into the shelter. It's always such a pleasure to have two such happy and healthy boys around! The hardest thing about having beautiful boys with great personalities is that everyone always notices it! The boys were at the shelter for about 9 months before they found their perfect home. We'd like to thank Kelly for giving the boys everything they deserve! It wasn't easy to see them go, but we find great satisfaction in knowing that they are with you now! Congrats and thanks for all your support Kelly!!! Please give the boys tons of kisses for us!
Glory (chocolate female) Glory made quite an impression on us during our stay! What a sweetheart! Thank you Susan and Kalohe for giving Glory a wonderful home and an adoring sister to share her life with!



Thor (10/99) - Thor came to us as a very stinky, orange/yellow whole albino male. He was purchased through an auction by an owner with the intentions of breeding him. He was surrendered here when he proved not to be a good breeder ferret and because he also has a biting problem. Since coming into our shelter, Thor has been neutered and is looking more and more beautiful everyday. Unfortunately, Thor continues to have a pretty bad biting problem and needs an owner who is willing to help him come out of his shell. While Thor was waiting for his perfect owner, he was lovingly sponsored by our prized shelter supporter, Helen. Then it happened one day, an instant connection, Thor finally found his perfect home! We would like to thank Erin A. for opening her heart to this wonderful boy. Her patience and kindness are exactly what he needs to turn his life around and make him realize that people can be wonderful companions too. Though trying at times, Thor will be greatly missed, but knowing he is going to the best possible home for him makes us very happy! Thank you again Erin!



Sunny (medium silver male born 3/18/00), and Smokey (dark sable male born 3/4/00) came into the shelter with a big group of seven young ferrets. We had hoped to keep all seven ferrets together but in their best interest, they were split into smaller adoptable groups. We would like to thank Liz P and family for opening up their loving hearts and home to Sunny and Smokey. We know they will be happy with you!



Missy (12/95) albino female. Missy and her cagemate Bandit were with us for quite a while. Missy's cagemate Bandit had severe insulinoma which often caused him to tire quickly. These were two of the most bonded ferrets we have seen at the shelter - and were always found together. Just a week and a half after Bandit passed away, Missy met her new mom and dad. The couple fell in love with Missy and brought her home to join them and their older male ferret. We'll miss you Missy, but we're so glad you have a special home now! Thanks Maya and Mark B for giving Missy a home to call her own!



Orson (2/98) Dark-Eyed White Male. Orson has been lucky enough to find a home where he's the only ferret and can enjoy all the people contact he wants! His new owners have reported to us that he is the perfect ferret and they love him very much! Thanks to Susan's parents for giving Orson such a loving home!



Samer and Sahar Chocolate male and Sable female. These two angels finally found what they deserved more than anything - a loving home! Samer and Sahar both thrived while here at the shelter - both put on a nice amount of weight and grew in beautiful coats. We will miss them greatly! Samer and Sahar found a home with Mark, and with Sahar's twin "Ferret"! Thanks Mark and Ferret!



Kira and Kai (5/97) Sable female and male. Kira and Kai are two of the coolest ferrets here - no matter what season it is, they always look identical! Kira can be a bit tempermental but her high amount of energy and playfulness always made us smile! Kai is the type of ferret that can just look at you and MAKE you pick him up for a cuddle - he is so sweet! Lynne and Ron fell in love with these two several months ago when Kai nuzzled up to Ron and stole his heart. After a few months of constantly thinking about the duo, Lynne and Ron gave in and brought them home. Kira and Kai now live in a HUGE cage and get tons of love and attention and they have three super sweet sisters!!! Thanks for giving these two the home that they deserve! Congrats Lynne and Ron! We are very sad to report that Kai has passed on.




Alexander (big chocolate male), Taymur (light silver male), Gwen (little chocolate female) and Aryssa (tiny silver female). Alex and Taymur are brothers from the same litter. They are big private breeder boys from Virginia! Aryssa and Gwen are both adorable girls. Sadly, "the foursome" were repeat offenders here at the shelter. They had been surrendered here 3 years ago and were adopted into what we had thought was a permanent home. Sadly, they were resurrendered after living in their new home after only a year. The boys were 5 and the girls were 6 when they were surrendered the second time. Despite their older age, they are all so playful and just love life. The foursome was lucky enough to catch our wonderful shelter supporter and volunteer Helen's eye and now they are living in ferret heaven with Helen's 9 other ferrets. What a happy ending! Thanks Helen for giving these guys what they deserve more than anything - a home they can finally call home and not just another family that they'll have to be missing in the future!!!



Snow (5/00) Marked-White female. Snow lived the first 6 months of her life unhandled in a pet store. She came to us as a very frightened girl who had no idea how to be a ferret. With all the love and attention from us and our volunteers, it didn't take Snow long to come out of her shell though! Pamela came out to the shelter to volunteer and fell in love. So little "Snow Storm" will never be alone again. We're happy to report that Snow is VERY happy with her 4 new sisters at Pamela and Steve's house. We couldn't ask for a happier ending! Thanks Pamela and Steve!



Sake (9/95) - Sake is a small sweet sable girl. She was found living under someone's woodshed, dehydrated, and balding from adrenal disease. While at our shelter, Sake received all the finer things in life, including so much love and spoiling from her sponsor (who, luckily still gets to visit Sake on occasion!). Shortly after Sake's adrenal surgery, Pamela brought Sake into her life to live with Lucy, Snow, and her other two girls, Jody and Abby. We're happy to report that Sake is settling in very nicely and is currently involved in an archaeological dig into Pamela's carpet! Thank goodness for patience! Congrats again Pamela and Steve!



Lucy (2/97) sable female. Lucy spent 1 1/2 years with us before she found the perfect home. She was surrendered to the shelter with adrenal disease and is the perfect example that miracles do happen! Lucy lost all of her fur in a very short time due to her adrenal disease. When she had her first surgery in November, 2000, the vet found a very large adrenal tumor and deemed it inoperable. Lucy was given 3-6 months to live if the tumor wasn't removed. She was bald, miserable, and just not a happy ferret.

We sent Lucy to a highly knowledgeable ferret vet in Maryland and he performed the very successful operation that saved Lucy's life. Within 4 weeks of having the golf ball sized tumor removed, Lucy began regrowing her fur. By 8 weeks, Lucy was more furry and beautiful as ever. She was a shelter favorite.

We're proud to report that Lucy has found a home! Thanks to Pamela and Steve, Lucy not only has all the love, support, and playtime she deserves, but FOUR adoring sisters as well! We're all so happy for you all!



George (12/98) chocolate male and Weazy (1/99) silver mitt female. These two are a VERY playful pair with TONS of energy. They get along well with other ferrets. Weazy is like a little wind-up toy, once she's wound up, she just keeps moving. Congrats Eva on this great pair! Thanks for opening your home and your heart to these two!!!



Frankie (1/99), light silver male, and Chewie (1/99), sable male. These are two beautiful boys, full of energy and joy!! We would like to thank Donovan for wecloming Frankie and Chewie into their new, wonderful, loving home.



Harmony ( approx. 6/27/00) - Harmony came to us as a stray. She was turned into a rescue facility in Youngstown, Ohio. When she was brought to us, we were surprised to find that she was just a baby - about 16 weeks old! She was an absolute joy to have at the shelter and it was so much fun watching her grow into a cuddly and fat "adolescent". We are proud to report that Harmony has been adopted by Jillian and Tim and their four fuzzies. Congrats guys and thanks!



Bandit (3/98) Standard Sable Point and Mischief (3/99) Sable male. These boys were two shelter favorites loved by all! While we were sad to see them go, we are all thrilled that they found a such a great new family! Congratulations Jillian on your two new boys! Thanks for giving these special guys all the love that they deserve!



Noobie (4/98) - This was a record surrender and adoption! Shelter volunteer Lisa met this sweet boy's owners to pick him up and bring him to the shelter for us. In the short time that Lisa spent with him, she fell in love. After his quarantine period here at the shelter, Lisa adopted Noobie. He's enjoying all the love and attention that she and her pack of weasels give him!



Boxer (approx. 12/99), chocolate mutt male, very cute. Found in a box trap by people trapping wild rabbits for release in less populated areas in Bridgeville, PA. We'd like to thank Diane and her family for saving this little guy!! Boxer was at the shelter for quite a while. It was hard to see him go off to his new home, but it also made us very happy. Thank you Charles for taking Boxer in and giving him the wonderful home he deserves!



Damian (10/99) A unique ferret to say the least! During his short time at the shelter, he showed us all what a wonderful and loving boy he is. Many thanks to Dottie, Scott and family for giving this great little boy a loving home!



Dartangnon (2/99) - Beautiful large chocolate male. Dartangon has gone to live with his #1 fan - Lisa S.! He will never loose his owner or his play friends ever again. Already, he's dancing and dooking and is just a happy happy boy! Dart gets along great with all of Lisa's crew. Congratulations, Lisa!



Mya Ferret Hera (3/00) is a beautiful, fluffy albino girl who was a fraternity ferret. Unfortunately, she was not well-liked by her fraternity brothers and was neglected and abused. Shelter volunteer Erin rescued Mya and brought her to the shelter. Because of her abuse at her former home, Mya was a biter and very scared in the beginning. It didn't take long for her to become as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside though. In the short time that Erin spent with Mya, she fell in love and came back a month later to bring her home. Mya is now a very happy and playful ferret who is doing VERY well in her new home!



Reko and Ches - Beautiful blaze male and adorable little sable female. Both are approximately 7 months old and fun-loving little ferrets! Reko and Ches are now keeping their friend Mandy company at Helen's house.



Spazz-ma-taz (10/98) A gorgeous chocolate male, Spazz was once a skittish little boy. Now he has learned trust since he has been adopted into Lynne's wonderful home. Spazz is doing great with all the one-on-one attention!



Hope (2/00) and Faith (2/00) Both were severely physically abused by their original owner. They were "rescued" by another college student, who soon realized that the burden of two special needs ferrets. Faith came to us with a broken leg, three broken ribs, and a fractured vertebrae in her neck. Amazingly enough, Faith recovered completely and jumps and dooks like CRAZY!! Hope unfortunately has suffered some neurological damage from her previous abuse. Both girls are very happy and playful and enjoy life completely! These girls have been adopted by Lisa S., and are doing very well in their new home. They are very loved and VERY spoiled!



Angel Angel, a very sweet and playful little sable girl was adopted into Vince's loving home.



Mandy (8/98) Mandy has been welcomed into Helen's home. Thank you for giving this little girl the love she deserves!



Buddy (2/98) found a wonderful home with shelter volunteer, Lisa. Thanks Lisa for opening your heart and home to this little guy. Sadly, Buddy's brother passed away during his time at the shelter. He will be missed by all.



Joey and Phoebe (12/99) Albino male and Sable female. Helen, we're glad that Joey and Phoebe will have a happy new home with you and Cody.



Cocoa (1/97) sable male and Flower (1/97) sable female. Thanks, Greg, for adopting this great duo into a wonderful new home where they are spoiled rotten.




Crackers (4/99) Crackers now has a wonderful family (ferret and two legged) to call his own. He is doing great thanks to Elaine and her family.



What are you looking at? Kasimir (10/99) chocolate blaze male is a wild young thing! Kathy has adopted this spirited, cuddly, and playful little guy. Congratulations, Kathy!



Freya (1/99) Albino female. Freya is a ball of energy. She loves playing with other ferrets and never seems to get tired. She came with a biting problem but lots of play time and patience has done wonders. She would do best in an active adult home. Thank you, Pam and Heather, for making Freya part of your family.



Hilly (5/95) sable female and Kloe (5/96) silver mitt blaze. This pair of girls is truly a joy, they are quiet and gentle, but still playful and energetic. They get along well with other non-dominant ferrets and would a wonderful addition to any loving home. Hilly and Kloe are lucky to be living now with Susan; thanks, Susan!



Rikki Tikki (8/96) sable male. A beautiful fluffy, fun ferret. Rikki is timid with other ferrets and easily frightened. He loves to play with people, his favorite game is tag. He is a big rolly polly guy. Thank you, Vince, for providing Rikki with a stable, loving home.



Hook (2/98) albino male. Hook is a beautiful, fluffy, white albino boy with a very prominent "hook" in his nose (hence the name) Very energetic and outgoing ferret, and he gets along well with other ferrets of similar personalities. Thank you, Barbara and Bill, for providing Hook with lots of little brothers and sisters to play with.




Balthazar (6/98) gorgeous chocolate male. "Balth" is currently caged with Hook and the pair can be adopted together is someone is interested in both of them, however it's not a requirement. Very energetic and playful. Tends to be "whiny" when he gets "picked on", but otherwise a great little boy. Thank you, Susan, for giving Balthazar a wonderful home.



Jasper (10/97) sable male and Jezebel (1/99) silver female. Jasper and Jezebel are absolutely gorgeous ferrets, both have lush winter coats and love to play and dance. Jasper is a big rolly, polly boy and Jezebel is a small, "firecracker" of a ferret. They compliment one another very well and get along well with other ferrets. Thank you, Barbara and Bill, for adding Jasper and Jezebel to your family.



Abbe (3/98) sable blaze female, Jasmine (8/96) sable female, and Cosmo (8/93) chocolate male. Abbe is a highly energetic, very playful ferret. She gets along well with her cagemates, but tends to be dominant with other ferrets. Jasmine is a sweet-natured, quiet little girl who has already had adrenal surgery but is totally assymptomatic and is currently thriving. Cosmo is a sweet, little, grumpy old man who tends to be grumpy if someone tries to steal his sleepy spot!! Cosmo has also had adrenal surgery in the past and has also had his tail removed due to a large tumor at it's base, which kinda makes his butt look like a brown bear. Truly a sight to see!! Cosmo was lovingly sponsored (and SPOILED) by Karen Kifer. Thank you Beth and Ruth for giving these girls a wonderful new home. We are sad to report that Cosmo passed away this February.

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