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The following ferrets are available for sponsorship. To sponsor a ferret or ferrets, please send your donation (check or money order) to Planned Ferrethood/PFRA Westmoreland, P.O. Box 724, Greensburg, PA 15601. Be sure to note the name of the ferret or ferrets whom you wish to sponsor.

If you would prefer to make a secure, online donation please consider using PayPal. PayPal offers a free fast, and secure means of transferring funds from you to the shelter. To place an order using PayPal, make a note of the ferret or ferrets whom you wish to sponsor. PLEASE NOTE: Our PayPal account is set up for bank or PayPal account transfers ONLY. We cannot accept payments via credit cards at this time Then click on the PayPal icon below. Direct your fund transfer to ChrisAndTara@ferretrescue.com, and list the ferret(s)you are sponsoring in the "Notes" field.

Make your purchase or donation with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!


Please refer to our Adoptables page to read more about Ollie and Zyphle, who are currently available for adoption sponsorship, or fostercare.

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